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Teosyal is a line of hyaluronic acid-based injectable dermal fillers that are used to correct wrinkles, add volume to the face, and improve skin quality.

The entire Teosyal filler product line is made up of numerous dermal fillers with different gel densities and qualities, each one designed to treat different areas of the face and produce different effects, ranging from fine line and wrinkle prevention to face contour reshaping.

All of the Teosyal products found at Acre work to fix fine, superficial, and deep wrinkles, as well as being able to create the ideal set of lips. Patients should expect to experience a natural glow from deep within the layers of the skin where the Hyaluronic acid is dispersed into action following treatments.

It is advised for patients to not drink alcohol or engage in vigorous exercise for three days after therapy. In addition, patients should avoid any dental treatment as well as exposure to the sun and high temperatures for the next fifteen days following Teosyal treatment.

The Teosyal range is categorised into four families; ‘Enhancers’ to rehydrate and revitalise the skin, ‘Essentials’ to minimise superficial wrinkles (Teosyal FIRST LINES, Teosyal TOUCH UP, Teosyal DEEP LINES), ‘Volumisers’ to increase natural volume and sculpt the face (Teosyal ULTIMATE and Teosyal ULTRA DEEP), and ‘Specifics’ to target under-eye circles and enhance lips (Teosyal KISS).

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