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Revolax dermal fillers aim to enhance the appearance in a natural way. Revolax is a high-quality HA dermal filler available in three different formulations in Europe. It’s a non-animal, biodegradable filler made from the purest hyaluronic acid that lasts a long time thanks to its highly cross-linked structure.

Revolax fillers are made of hyaluronic acid and were developed in South Korea in 2013. It was approved by the Korean Food and Drug Administration the same year, and after its distribution, it immediately became a mainstay in the Korean aesthetic sector. Revolax arrived in the UK in 2017 after receiving its CE Class III certification.

Due to Revolax dermal fillers having the same chemical structure, they can be combined for facial treatments if the patient is looking for a more comprehensive procedure. The filler is extremely viscoelastic, stable, and flexible at the same time, resulting in a natural-looking finish. Product migration is exceedingly uncommon with Revolax due to its low phase angle.

Each component in the line has a distinct purpose and can be used as a combination treatment with minimal adverse effects. Revolax’s dermal filler technology has advanced to the point where it is able to produce very natural-looking results with a smooth finish.

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