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Aliaxin dermal fillers include ultrapure hyaluronic acid and are designed to blend easily into the skin. Natural contouring, lifting and hydration can all be achieved with this non-invasive, cutting-edge treatment.

Aliaxin’s Hydrolift technology successfully stops collagen and hyaluronic acid loss to keep skin looking fresh. As a hyaluronic acid-based product, Aliaxin filler helps to restore hydration while also improving suppleness and tone. Aliaxin not only stimulates collagen creation in the skin but also keeps the skin supple and the collagen walls robust. Aliaxin dermal filler has a lifting action that tightens the skin. The products give good quality results that last for six to eight months. According to studies, skin stayed 50% smoother following treatment. Developed to promote natural skin renewal beneath the surface.

Every area of the face requires personalised treatment. IBSA has created four different Aliaxin fillers using different molecular weights with specific visco-elastic properties, offering a complete product line for the simultaneous treatment of 12 different facial areas. The Aliaxin product line consists of four main dermal fillers including Aliaxin EV, Aliaxin FL, Aliaxin SR and Aliaxin GP.

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